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Your Consultant is  Leslie Sparkles

My Story

March 24 2016Thinking about joining but you're not sure? Let me share my story.... I started off selling scentsy honestly to buy things for myself! I wanted the discount and I wanted to get paid for what I bought for myself! Never in a million years did I think I would make my own business out of it. Luckily for me just a week into my journey I was inspired by members of the amazing team I'm on; and they opened up both my husbands and my eyes to the amazing opportunity that Scentsy was offering me! I started really working my business and believing in myself! Within a month I became a certified consultant and with the help of God my business took off! Now I no longer see this as a hobby or something I'll do in order to get free and discounted products (although it's a HUGE perk!) I do this because I love it and because of the amazing experiences I've had along the way! I've made so many friends who I call my Scentsy sisters and together we motivate one another to never give up on our dreams and to ALWAYS DREAM BIG!! Because in this business ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!